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Unfinished Poem
Kate Rancid
I have just written most of a poem, but I'm having difficulty with the last line. Can anyone help?

As I was walking down the street
I smelt the smell of cheese
I stood and sniffed and closed my eyes
Against the scrumptious breeze

Delicious brie all ripe and wet
Some stilton brown and strong
And pont l'eveque, quite moist yet firm,
Emitting quite a pong.

I looked around, consumed with greed,
To try and find the source,
I MUST HAVE CHEESE, I said out loud,
With passion too, of course.

I wandered round to no avail,
The smell grew stronger still,
I thought if I did not get cheese,
Someone I'd have to kill.

For miles and miles I searched in vain,
Then sat and gave a grunt,
It WASN'T cheese I'd smelt at all!


04 Feb 2017 - Jeff Wode
But my pencil had gone blunt?
06 Feb 2017 - Sir Rupert Gains-Withering MBE
The North Ledbury Hunt?
10 Feb 2017 - Mary Hunter
Something down the waterfront?
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