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Tree Hugging
Mike Stools
I like trees when I'm all trippy
I'll hug them like some Greenpeace hippie
I rub myself against the trunk
And leave behind a glob of spunk.

Best of all I like the oak
A woodpecker's hole is great to poke
Sometimes I will go for ash
But once I got a dreadful rash

Never again shall I try holly
That I found a foolish folly
The same applies to larch and pine
They really made me wince and whine

A fling I had with a sequoia
Left me suffering from paranoia
But then the comfort of a plane
Helped me become once more sane.

I had a period of monogamy
Faithful to just one mahogany
Then one day behind my back
She had the chopper of a lumberjack

So now I'll go for larch and elm
And all fine trees throughout the realm
And when my head is on my pillow
I sleep and dream a dream of willow.


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Tree Hugging
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