Shitespace - The Party
The Party
Zen Joel
While pissing
I take stock
Coherent, nicely buzzed
Pee is strong flow, light yellow
Smoke coming in under the door
From the smoke machine
I'm too old for this shit

Go sit on sofa
Fractals on the wall
Bangra music plays
Feel like I feel over in and indian restaurant
Face first into the very intricate carpet

At 3
Handed an E
To split
I'm split
Two minds
I'm on call, so
I put my half in my pocket
Sipping water
Faking the vile taste

A brief chat with blown pupil girl
Goes terribly wrong
I'm left carrying a big worry boulder
That blocks all comms
I sit quietly
And wait for it to pass
Someone offers me a bump
A smile, a catchy beat, a giggling girl
I'm back

A full grown man flings himself
About the tiled floor
I see
he feels like a shaman, like gaia
But that's not what
I see.

Dawn is coming
Bringing Sunday rituals
This defiant lot
Rave on
Like hyenas returning
To the site of bloodstains
In the hope of a missed morsel.


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