Shitespace - Star Trek
Star Trek
Mike Stools
What the heck,
I admit
I watch Star Trek,
The Next Generation,
Deep Space Nine,
And Voyager too,
It isn't a crime.

Is the place
I want to show my face.
Wouldn't it be good out there
In just your underwear?

With something half human,
Not necessarily alien,
It could be a crewman.

I like Romulans
And Cardassians and Klingons
But it's the Bajorans
That give me a hard on.
I could preach homilies
About sub-space anomalies,
Why shouldn't I fantasise
About living on the Enterprise?


16 Mar 2018 - aim
23 Sep 2020 - Mr. Spike
Hmm, fascinating...
23 Sep 2020 - Fat Cook
If I Add your comment... as commanded above, I will have to write the rude words, "fat cock" in the fake robot catcher box. I did not want to write "fat cock", it is rude. What would Captain Kick do?
23 Sep 2020 - Klick Bayt
So if you Add your comment.. as commanded above this box and submit it, then Add your comment will appear below said comment. Was there ever a StarDrek episode featuring this conundrum? Were there sexy green alien babes in that episode? Why am I not being aroused?
23 Sep 2020 - Mr. Spike
Green aliens good,
Grey aliens bad.

Green aliens should
Grey aliens should not

Set scanners to shun
Set phasers to stun

Chronometer readings are off the chart,
Said the first officer with a start.

I canna keep up the power Captain!
Cries the Chief Engineer.

There is no power left to steer
Now inevitable to veer
Into the...

To Be Continued.
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