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Mike Stools
Hey printer! Gosh, you're really nice,
I love the way you print,
The sharpness of your images,
The colours, hues and tints.
The photos of my holiday
Are pleasing to my eye,
No crappy jagged edges
At twelve hundred dpi.

Yo printer! Wow, you're so superb!
You print with awesome clarity.
I say these words sincerely
And not just out of charity.
For Christmas Day I do not want
A pear tree full of partridges;
Instead I would prefer my stocking
Filled with colour cartridges.

Wow printer! Oo, you're truly great,
You make me feel on fire. Oh,
Printing stuff is way more fun
Than writing with my biro,
And when I am not with you
Then I've only gone a away for
Half an hour to buy you lots
More clean white sheets of A4.


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