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Princess Di
Kate Rancid
Princess Di,
Princess Di,
Why did you have to

You were the people's princess,
You looked nice in a pink dress,
You suffered from stress,
But thanks to the French Press,
You ended up in a right mess,
And now we have one less

Princess Di,
Princess Di,
When I think of you I want to
Your car sped off the roady,
And splattered you with Dodi.



23 Sep 2020 - Lad Young
as a young lad i wanted to do Di,
but alas only that rich guy got to Dodi...
veddy sad.
23 Sep 2020 - Phat Qok
They sought her here
They sought her there
Those French paparazzi
sought her everywhere
The Scarlet Princess Die...
23 Sep 2020 - Jerrold Lipschitz
I say,
all this nostalgic obsession with tragic princesses is utterly depressing.
Change the subject please! and thank you!
23 Sep 2020 - Jerrold Lipschitz
Oh bother,
What I meant to say was that all this nostalgic obsession with tragic princesses is RAHTHAHR depressing. Spoken with a posh accent you see. Umm gives it rahthah more gravitas, I would think, yes...
23 Sep 2020 - Stoner Bob
I had a tie-dyed shirt once and it miraculously resembled the fabled Princess. My tie-dye Di-shirt.
Bidding for this item on Ebay starts at 1,000,000.
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