Shitespace - No Sleep Til La
No Sleep 'Til L.A.
When i lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Now this would all be very well
But im already going to hell
Though this isn't the point that im trying to make
As i sit here all awake
I've tried to rest my weary head
I've shut my eyes and laid in bed
But nothing makes me go to sleep
Not camomile tea or counting sheep
I've swallowed many valium
And still sweet slumber doesn't come
I've contemplated reasons why
I just cant get any decent shut eye
I've tried some good old solo sex
But even this has no effects
In shutting me down for the night
And so i'll turn back on the light
And drink some wine and write more Shite.


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No Sleep 'Til L.A.
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