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Lucky Day
Mike Stools
It's a Lucky Day!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Today the bad luck goes away.

A day of ease.
Do as you please.
Drink some wine and eat some cheese.

A day when nothing can go wrong,
A day of cheer, a day of song,
For when the date is twenty two
And it is a Tuesday too
Every single thing goes right.
Oh what a wonderful delight!
Unlike the dreaded thirteenth day
That falls on Fridays - oh dear! Nay!

It's a Lucky Day!
Blues skies - not grey.
A time to sing, a time to play,

A time for fun,
A time for sun.
It's happy time for everyone.

A day in which you need not hurry.
Do not panic, do not worry.
Live this day without a care,
Do those things you do not dare.
Today you have nothing to fear,
The bogeyman can't get you here.
He cannot make it all go wrong,
You're safe in here the whole day long.

Oh, Lucky Day!
Oh, glorious day!
Please do not go away,
Flushed like an unwanted turd
On Wednesday morn, the twenty third.
You should remain with us forever
To light our days and leave us never,
Our special calendrical treasure,
Our rare and cherished tide of pleasure.

Twenty four protected hours
When we have our superpowers,
A thousand four hundred and forty
Minutes when we can be naughty,
Eighty six thousand and four hundred
Seconds that can not be blundered,
Time in which we can't be struck
Because we'll always get good luck.

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