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Further Education Sucks
Kate Rancid
What a terrible perversity
Is going to university
Full of trial and adversity
What kind of silly loony
Wants to go to uni
A geek who's pale and puny
And brain washed like a moonie
So why not be more prudent
And not become a student
It's nothing but a poo cunt
Get a life instead
Of feeding useless rubbish into your head
Go to bed
Paint the town red
Change your name to Fred
Live in a shed
Be dead
But live life in elation
Bugger education
Seize control of a third world nation
Get your tits out in the train station
Don't get a B.A.
It's gay
Why read books all day
When you could go out and play
Or run around in a field pretending to be a horse and going 'neigh'
Why fill your life with dismay
Just for a future with a bit more pay
When you could be out looking for your next lay
Don't get a B.Sc.
It's boring as can be
Do nothing be like me
Be free
Sit at home watching Richard and Judy on TV
And drinking tea
Have a pea
Or a pee
Unlike education urination is free
Practice chi
Take e
There are answers don't you see
Unanswered by that Ph.D.
Don't be silly
Eat piccalilly
Make a chili
Marry a prostitute called Lily
Wear something frilly
On your willy
Just get rid of those books
Further education sucks.


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Further Education Sucks
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