Shitespace - Finger On The Button
Finger On The Button
Mike Stools
Got my finger on the button
I'm ready for some action.
It only takes a gentle press
So let's see your reaction.
Do you moan, do you groan?
Do you squirm and wriggle?
Or do you just smirk childlishly
And give a little giggle?

Got my finger on the button,
How pleased it makes me feel.
The time it took to find it
Makes it such a great big deal.
But now at last I've got there
After nine attempts or more.
I hope I don't forget this place
Like I did before.

Got my finger on the button...
Damn! It's slipped right off the spot!
Now, it should be right back here,
Bloody hell... it's not.
Where the fuck's it gone to?
I just do not understand.
It's a needle in a haystack
And it's not what I had planned.

Got my finger off the button
And I'm feeling all deflated.
I'm sorry, love, I know that you
Should have been elated.
It's all my fault, I know it is.
I know that it's no joke.
But never mind, at least I can
Go straight in for a poke.


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Finger On The Button
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