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30 July 2022
Nichelle Nichols

The trouble with a tribble
Is not that it tickles
But puts in a pickle
The crew and Nichelle Nichols (Mike)

28 July 2022
Bernard Cribbins

The English language is shamefully short of words that rhyme with Cribbins. (Mike)

Bernard Cribbins
Had a good innings.
He sang Right Said Fred
But is quite sad dead. (Shim and mike)

He's alive and well
And other such fibbings
No longer apply
To Bernard Cribbins. (Julie and mike)

25 January 2022
Barry Cryer

I'm not a liar, I haven't a clue.
Barry Cryer, brought smiles to you.
Was a dier in '22. (Ian)

20 January 2022
Meat Loaf

This powerful singer
Was once a Dead Ringer
But a tear must be shed
For now he's just dead. (Mike)

So heaven can't wait.
Out of the frying pan and
Into the fire. (Ian)

12 January 2022
Ronnie Spector

Ronnie Spector
Wanted to Be My Baby,
But now she won't be
Not even maybe. (Mike)

10 January 2022
Burke Shelley

Burke Shelley
Gave it lots of welly,
But I'm sorry to talk
About his last Squawk. (Mike)

Poor old Burke's
Been taken from us.
Oft he'd play with
His John Thomas. (Mike)

details ext

06 January 2022
Sidney Poitier

They keep on telling us
You can't say that here
But we'll still say farewell
To Sidney Poitier. (Mike)

26 December 2021
Desmond Tutu

Farewell Desmond Tutu
Heroic Archbishop
Let us drink a toast to you
Or even have a piss up. (Mike)

10 December 2021
Michael Nesmith

Hey, hey, we're the monkees
And people say we monkey around.
But we'll take Michael Nesmith
And bury him in the ground. (Ian)

11 November 2021
Graeme Edge

Oh dear, I've just
Heard the news.
Gone is the Edge!
(Of the Moody Blues) (Mike)

26 September 2021
Alan Lancaster

Another major
Rock disaster -
Down Down goes
Alan Lancaster. (Mike)

19 September 2021
Jimmy Greaves

The nation grieves
For Jimmy Greaves. (Mike)

16 September 2021
Sir Clive Sinclair

I tell you no jive,
He built the C5,
But now Sir Clive
Isn't alive. (Mike)

details ext

29 August 2021
Lee Scratch Perry

Another star
We have to bury
Say farewell to
Lee Scratch Perry (Mike)

24 August 2021
Charlie Watts

Let us all give lots
Of praise for Charlie Watts
Who helped to paint it black
But isn't coming back. (Mike)

The time will come
For all who drum.

The Rolling Stones
Becoming bones. (Ian)

21 August 2021
Don Everly

Say goodbye to another
Everly Brother.
Is gone. (Mike)

16 August 2021
Sean Lock

Eight out of ten cats
Will be saddened to hear that
Sean Lock's not around
And will do no more Countdown. (Mike)

10 August 2021
Maki Kaji

Maki Kaji
The Father of Sudoku
Died at 69 (Ian)

27 July 2021
Dusty Hill

Dusty Hill
Into the ground we push
But all he was looking for
Was some Tush. (Mike)

17 June 2021
Kenneth Kaunda

Time to put another leader
Six feet under.
This time, from Zambia,
It's Kenneth Kaunda. (Mike)

details ext

28 April 2021
Michael Collins

He flew round the Earth in Gemini 10.
He flew round the Moon in Apollo 11.
So now since his birth
Are 90 full years
But sadly so soon
He ascends into heaven. (Ian)

19 April 2021
Jim Steinman

Jim Steinman
Was a fine man.
They'll put him in wood
Where he'll be bad for good. (Mike)

09 April 2021
Prince Philip

Prince Philip tried to make us laugh
And did so with his mighty gaffs.
Oh, what joy to hear him speak.
Blessed are indeed the Greek. (Mike)

08 February 2021
Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson
Sang Supreme songs
But now she can't
Keep hanging on. (Mike)

06 February 2021
Leon Spinks

Leon Spinks
Gave Ali a clout
Now he's out
For the count. (Mike)

05 February 2021
Christopher Plummer

He starred in The Sound Of Music
Did Christopher Plummer
And Hamlet and King Lear
But not Dumb and Dumber. (Mike)

02 February 2021
Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Earned the nation's awe.
This officer walked around his mess
For us all and the NHS. (Mike)

details ext

23 January 2021
Larry King

Back in the years of who-knows-when
Came a new TV station called CNN.
It broadcast the news and American views
And whether the US teams win or lose.
But the most striking thing for the casual viewer
Was the first real famous CNN interviewer
A brilliant broadcaster who was named Larry King
And designer braces were really his thing.
As the years passed by and his fame increased
He could ask hard questions to the best and least
Till the sad day came when Larry King retired
Though the following anchors were less inspired.
Now on this sad day in 2021
The news is that Larry King has finally gone. (Ian)

16 January 2021
Phil Spector

Phil Spector
Made a Wall of Sound.
Now let's make a hole
In the ground. (Mike)

13 January 2021
Sylvain Sylvain

By cancer
Yet one more is slain.
New York Dolls lose
Sylvain Sylvain (Mike)

03 January 2021
Gerry Marsden

Gerry Marsden
Had his Pacemakers,
Now he'll meet
His undertaker. (Mike)

details ext

12 December 2020
John le Carré

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,
Each one of them will some day die. (Ian)

10 December 2020
Barbara Windsor

Babs has gone
Carry on. (Joel)

Dame Barbara Windsor
Truly had a flair
And everyone admired her
Lovely looking pear. (Mike)

28 November 2020
Dave Prowse

The Green Cross Code Man
Has crossed the greatest highway.
Was Darth Vader too. (Ian)

25 November 2020
Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona
Had the Hand of God,
But now the Hand has taken
That cheating little sod. (Mike)

14 November 2020
Des O'Connor

Des O'Connor
Is a goner.
Finally late
At 88. (Ian)

31 October 2020
Sean Connery

It's a wonder James Bond
Never got gonorrhoea
Now he won't as the world is
Not Connerier. (Mike)

30 October 2020
Nobby Stiles

Nobby Stiles
Danced with his teeth
But now his actions
Are all beneath. (Mike)

28 October 2020
Bobby Ball

Cannon and Ball
Played all the big places.
Farewell Bobby
And your stretchy braces. (Mike)

19 October 2020
Spencer Davis

Once again
Another grave is
Dug, this time for
Spencer Davis. (Mike)

06 October 2020
Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen
Got cancer of the throat.
Sad to say he'll never
Play another note. (Mike)

He got up and nothin' got him down
He got it tough, he'd seen the toughest around
But now his guitar isn't making any sound
And Eddie van Halen is lyin' in the ground (Ian)

06 October 2020
Johnny Nash

Tears on my pillow
Broken hearted
Johnny Nash
Is dear departed (Ian)

29 September 2020
Helen Reddy

She was woman
Hear her roar.
She's not breathing
Any more. (Ian)

21 September 2020
Michael Lonsdale

Michael Lonsdale,
Hugo Drax in Moonraker,
Now takes off
For the undertaker. (Mike)

details ext

21 September 2020
Pamela Hutchinson

Pamela Hutchinson
Gave the best of her love.
But now she's gone
To the Boogie Wonderland above. (Mike)

details ext

18 September 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Has had to budge.
Farewell to this
Supreme Court Judge. (Mike)

details ext

17 September 2020
Robert W Gore

Robert Gore's invention
Was nothing short of magic.
Let us all applaud
His waterproof fabric. (Mike)

details ext

11 September 2020
Toots Hibbert

For Toots Hibbert
Of Toots and the Maytals.
His pressure dropped
To something fatal. (Mike)

10 September 2020
Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg
Had many adventures,
But cancer has taken her.
Who will avenge her? (Mike)

Late Diana Rigg
From "The Great Muppet Caper"
To the Queen of Thorns. (Ian)

James Bond's only wife.
Caucasian Chalk Circle.
The Cherry Orchard. (Ian)

Diana Rigg
Went to the great gig
Emma Peel
Was a pretty big deal (Joel)

28 August 2020
Chadwick Boseman

Even superheroes
Can't whack cancer.
A sad farewell
To the Black Panther. (Mike)

26 July 2020
Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de Havilland
Graced the silver screen
Now she's gone with the wind
No more to be seen. (Mike)

25 July 2020
Peter Green

Peter Green
Was a Man Of The World,
But from it he has
Now been hurled. (Mike)

06 July 2020
Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone
An outstanding composer
Will he also be
A great decomposer? (Mike)

19 June 2020
Sir Ian Holm

Late Sir Ian Holm
Has left the realm of the earth
For eternal home (Ian)

Bilbo Baggins
Of bag end
Has gone on an adventure
One, without end (Joel)

18 June 2020
Dame Vera Lynn

Won the war for us
She did.
Now who'll sing us through
Covid? (Mike)

31 May 2020

Christo's life
Was never a drag.
He'd put buildings
In a bag. (Mike)

details ext

09 May 2020
Little Richard

Now Little Richard
Has met his doom. (Mike)

06 May 2020
Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider
Didn't need a rider
To play his synthesizer
'Cos he was much wiser. (Mike)

Schneider (Ian)

details ext

03 May 2020
Dave Greenfield

Golden Crown, hide from the sun
Gets you down, with it there's no fun
Out of the light, nothing's all right
Into the ground with Golden Crown (Mike)

details ext

30 April 2020
Tony Allen

If you want to see
Tony Allen this summer
You can't because we've
Lost another drummer. (Mike)

17 April 2020
Norman Hunter

They called him the man of steel,
But from corona he could not heal. (Mike)

details ext

12 April 2020
Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss
Drove round and round,
But the checkered flag
Has now come down. (Mike)

Stirling Moss.
We're mourning his loss. (Ian)

12 April 2020
Tim Brooke-Taylor

A Goody down
As Covid 19
Takes away from us
Dear TBT. (Mike)

Tim was a Goodie. What does that mean?
I'm sorry I haven't a clue.
But his death from corona will send him
Where the sky is a fine shade of blue. (Ian)

11 April 2020
John Conway

The Game of Life
Was written by John Conway,
But now his cells
Have gone the wrong way. (Mike)

details ext

06 April 2020
Honor Blackman

Honor Blackman
Dies at ninety four
Rest in peace
Pussy Galore. (Mike)

04 April 2020
Marquess of Bath

Lord Bath of Longleat
Eccentric marquess
Leaves behind
Loads of widowlets. (Mike)

details ext

02 April 2020
Eddie Large

Eddie Large
Was big and round.
Respect to he who must
Dig the ground. (Mike)

details ext

30 March 2020
Bill Withers

Was ill
Too late to lean on him now. (Mike)

20 March 2020
Kenny Rogers

And Kenny finished speakin'
He turned back toward the window
Crushed out his cigarette
And faded off to sleep
And somewhere in the darkness
The gambler he broke even
But in his final words
I found an ace that I could keep. (Ian)

14 March 2020
Genesis P-Orridge

Throbbing Gristle
Made me whistle
But sadly Genesis
Has met their nemesis. (Mike)

details ext

05 February 2020
Kirk Douglas

To live to a hundred and three
Is nothing short of marvellous.
Let us follow his lead -
All cry 'I'm Spartacus!' (Mike)

31 January 2020
Barrie Masters

Barrie Masters
Of Eddie and The Hot Rods
Did anything he wanted to do
But now joins the gods. (Mike)

details ext

28 January 2020
Nicholas Parsons

Nicholas Parsons
Deserves our adulation
Without repetition
Or deviation. (Mike)

details ext

22 January 2020
Terry Jones

Two down,
Four to go.
We salute you,
Terry Jones. (Mike)

07 January 2020
Neil Peart

Neil Peart
Had masses of kit.
I often wondered
How he knew what to hit. (Mike)

details ext

29 December 2019
Neil Innes

Time to frown
Time to grimace
For the Urban Spaceman
Neil Innes (Mike)

details ext

09 December 2019
Marie Fredriksson

Marie Fredriksson
Was powerful and ballady
But it's all over now
Due to a malady. (Mike)

details ext

28 November 2019

Surely this is the greatest catastrophe,
Now weve gone and lost the Apostrophe. (Mike)

details ext

27 November 2019
Jonathan Miller

Let's send our respects
To Jonathan Miller
Who fought Alzheimer's
Then got even iller. (Mike)

details ext

26 November 2019
Gary Rhodes

Gary Rhodes
Master chef
Has taken
His last breath. (Mike)

details ext

24 November 2019
Clive James

Clive James
Was on television
Where he spoke
With great precision. (Mike)

Clive James
Was from down under
Now he is
Down under. (Kate)

details ext

06 October 2019
Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker's
Drums went boom.
Now, he's gone to his
White Room. (Mike)

details ext

04 October 2019

Marvin picked the paper up off the floor,
But now he won't.
Farewell Stephen Moore. (Mike)

details ext

26 September 2019
Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac
Led the French,
But now he'll rot
And make a stench. (Mike)

details ext

29 August 2019
Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks' writing
Was appreciated
But he's been
Exterminated. (Mike)

details ext

20 July 2019
Sheila Dikshit

Indian politician
Sheila Dikshit
Has ... pfft ... pfffftt...
Die... plahhhh ... ha ha ha haaaa...
Oh deary me ... no, I can't do it. (Mike)

details ext

20 May 2019
Niki Lauda

In F1 he drew a crowd
Now Niki is much less loud (Joel)

30 April 2019
Peter Mayhew

Oooaaaa, aaahhh,
Oooaahhhh ooo-aaaa
Oooaaaaarrrrr. (Mike)

04 March 2019
Keith Flint

He'll start no more fires
Will dear old Keith
That's because
He's ceased to breathe. (Mike)

details ext

28 February 2019
Andre Previn

Andre Previn
Waved his baton
He'll now be carried
By men with a hat on. (Mike)

19 February 2019
Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld worked for Chanel
He stayed home as he wasn't well
Do you wear white in heaven and red in hell? (Joel)

details ext

12 February 2019
Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks
Made the greatest save
But now is finally
In the grave. (Ian)

26 December 2018
Sister Wendy

Sister Wendy
Knew the scriptures
But also had an eye
For pictures. (Mike)

details ext

06 December 2018
Pete Shelley

Pete Shelley
Felt like dirt and was hurt
But now he's died (and shouldn't've)
And that's worse. (Mike)

details ext

01 December 2018
George Bush

Say adieu
To George Bush.
Join the queue,
Don't rush. (Mike)

26 November 2018
Baroness Trumpington

She made a V-sign in the Lords,
But now it's time to dump in tomb
That Bletchley Park heroine,
Jean Alys Barker, Baroness Trumpington.

I thank you. (Mike)

details ext

17 November 2018
Richard Baker

And now the news
On Richard Baker.
He's gone to see
The undertaker. (Mike)

details ext

12 November 2018
Stan Lee

Stan Lee's characters
Had superpowers,
But now it's time
To send some flowers. (Mike)

details ext

27 October 2018
Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Dead with a very long name.
Haiku is too soon? (Ian)

details ext

01 October 2018
Charles Aznavour

He sang for charity
He sang with clarity
But Charles Aznavour
Is no more. (Mike)

22 September 2018
Chas Hodges

Gertcha! When the latest one
To step into the grave
Gertcha! Is Chas Hodges
Out of Chas & Dave. (Mike)

19 September 2018
Denis Norden

If you're one of those people
Who liked Denis Norden
You'll be sad to hear he's gone
But will not be forgotten. (Mike)

details ext

06 September 2018
Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds
Made films that were fun
But now he's had his last
Cannonball Run (Mike)

Burt Reynolds has died.
The star of The Longest Yard
Now starts longest sleep.

Smokey and Bandit
Was a film I never liked.
On TV tonight.

Warm and funny Burt.
Whole career was tongue in cheek.
Says Ricky Gervais. (Ian)

03 September 2018
Jacqueline Pearce

Servalan just wanted to rule the Federation.
For that I hope she doesn't face damnation. (Mike)

details ext

18 August 2018
Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan
Won a Nobel Peace Prize
But now it is time
To say our goodbyes (Mike)

16 August 2018
Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin
And R.E.S.P.
E.C.T. (Mike)

She's breathed her last, has poor Aretha.
Alas the ground's no more beneath her. (Kate)

05 August 2018
Barry Chuckle

Barry of the
Chuckle Brothers
Joins the list
Of all the others. (Mike)

22 June 2018
Vinnie Paul

I find I'm tasked to write a poem
For Vinnie Paul of Pantera.
I'm too busy to do it right now,
Can you put it on my Jira? (Mike)

details ext

15 June 2018
Leslie Grantham

Dirty Den
Has died again.
It's something he has as a knack.
He's done it before,
It's becoming a bore,
But this time he's not coming back. (Mike)

details ext

07 June 2018
Peter Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow
Liked his strippers.
Now he's dead
Like a kipper. (Mike)

That's terrible! I'm going to have to step up aren't I?

Peter Stringfellow
Turned yellow
And shat strawberries
And was mellow (Kate)

21 April 2018
Verne Troyer

Verne Troyer
The mini me dwarf
Drank loads of booze
And it carried him orf*

*or something else did (Kate)

20 April 2018

Wake me up when it's all over
Is what Avicii said
But we can't
Because he's dead (Kate)

Arrivederci. (Mike)

18 April 2018
Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush
Had a lavish bush
Now she's gone
Her bush is mush (Kate)

18 April 2018
Dale Winton

Dale Winton
Was a Supermarket Sweeper
Now he's gone off with
The grim reaper. (Kate)

05 April 2018
Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow
Made gravy from bisto
But now he has died
The carvery's dried. (Kate)

04 April 2018
Ray Wilkins

Ray Wilkins
Played with a ball
Now he plays
With nothing at all. (Kate)

02 April 2018
Winnie Mandela

Winnie Mandela
Had Nelson as a fella
She fought apartheid
But has died. (Mike)

Cremation or burial
Whaddya think the selection is?
Traditional old school
Or matches and necklaces? (Noami)

30 March 2018
Bill Maynard

Another death,
We'll have to blog it.
Oh no! This time it's
Selwyn Froggitt! (Mike)

details ext

20 March 2018

Sudan's death
Is sad and preposterous,
The last male northern
White Rhinoceros. (Mike)

What a bunch of tossers, us.
To end the white rhinoceros (Karl)

You know,
And I know
That we must conserve
The Rhino. (Mike)

Alas the white rhinoceros
Has gone the way of Toys R Us (Kate)

No man
Of woman born
Should slaughter those
That have the horn. (Mike)

A white rhino, not a right wino (Karl)

details ext

15 March 2018
Toys R Us

You'll buy no more stuff
From Toys R Us
Because they've just
Gone bust. (Mike)

14 March 2018
Jim Bowen

Jim Bowen
Will be going
To heaven
In a speedboat (Kate)

14 March 2018
Liam O'Flynn

Liam O'Flynn
Played uilleann pipes.
Another one done in.
Cripes! (Mike)

14 March 2018
Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking
Wasn't good at walking
But he caused a great sensation
With his own kind of radiation. (Mike)

12 March 2018
Hubert de Givenchy

Hubert de Givenchy
Made stuff that was raunchy
But now he's followed the fashion
Of celebrities to pass on. (Mike)

11 March 2018
Ken Dodd

Did Dodd Die?
Dodd's dead. (Joel)

Ken Dodd
Is with God
The man of Diddy
Was a right old biddy (Kate)

details ext

04 March 2018
Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister
Ran a mile in four minutes.
They'll prepare his coffin
And put him in it. (Mike)

16 February 2018
Buttington Oak

After a thousand years
The Buttington Oak
Of Offa's Dyke
Did finally croak. (Mike)

details ext

27 January 2018
Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad
Made Algots and Veberöds
And Muligs and Vittsjös
But now he's död. (Mike)

details ext

24 January 2018
Mark E Smith

Mark E Smith
Sang in The Fall
Now he's not in any band
At all
(Because he's dead) (Kate)

details ext

23 January 2018
Tinky Winky

Tinky Winky
Said Eh-oh.
Now it's time
for him to go. (Mike)

details ext

21 January 2018
Billy Graham

Say farewell
To Billy Graham
Now he has begun
Decaying. (Mike)

15 January 2018

If you owe
One point five billion
You could end up
Like Carillion. (Mike)

details ext

15 January 2018
Delores O'Riordan

Delores O'Riordan
Was a Cranberry.
Now it's time
Her to bury. (Mike)

She was a fine
Irish singer,
But she didn't
Choose to linger. (Kate)

No more is. (Mike)

She may not be gone, she
Might return as a zombie. (Kate)

Mike, do you have to?
Do you have to?
She's a zombie, zombie
Zom be- a be- be a (Joel)

details ext

11 January 2018
Fast Eddie

I saw Fast Eddie
On the Iron Fist tour
But now I won't
Any more. (Mike)

I also saw him
When he was in Fastway.
But I won't anymore
'Cos he's passed away. (Mike)

Fast Eddie
He's Deady. (Kate)

details ext

28 December 2017
Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton
Will never do Z
That's because
She's dead. (Mike)

details ext

23 December 2017
Misha The Aardvark

RIP Misha the aardvark
Who died in a fire in a big park
Actually it was a zoo
But zoo doesn't rhyme so park will do (Kate)

details ext

15 December 2017
Heinz Wolff

I once saw Heinz Wolff
Do a lecture on space,
But now he has run
His last Great Egg Race. (Mike)

details ext

11 December 2017
Keith Chegwin

Ch ch-ch chh chh
Cheggers played pop.
But today
It's time for him to drop. (Mike)

details ext

10 December 2017
Max Clifford

Max Clifford
Liked publicity
But then he didn't
And has died in iniquity. (Mike)

Max Clifford
Was rapey and gropey
And now he's deceased
After feeling quite ropey (Kate)

details ext

21 November 2017
Rodney Bewes

Drink some booze
To Rodney Bewes
Our loss is sad
For this Likely Lad. (Mike)

details ext

19 November 2017
Charles Manson

Charles Manson
Family cult head
Ceased to exist
'Cos now he's dead. (Mike)

details ext

18 November 2017
Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young
Played rhythm guitar
But he'll not strum
Another bar. (Mike)

The guitarist out of
Isnt live-y
Hes more deceased-y (Kate)

details ext

02 October 2017
Tom Petty

Tom Petty
Was fond of spaghetti
But he's curled up his feet y'all
So he's had his last meatball

(Apologies) (Kate)

Oh no!
Bad news to which I'm awoken.
I truly am
Heartbroken. (Mike)

details ext

26 September 2017
Tony Booth

Tony Booth
Scouse Git
Now goes
In the pit. (Mike)

25 September 2017
Liz Dawn

If you don't give a fuckoth
About Vera Duckworth
You'll be uninterested to learn
That she's now in an urn (Kate)

details ext

03 September 2017
Walter Becker

Walter Becker
Reeled in the years
But now he is
No longer here. (Mike)

details ext

01 September 2017
Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
Is a goner. (Mike)

details ext

21 August 2017
Jerry Lewis

Great balls of fire!
Jerry Lewis is dead
Oh no wait, it's not him
It's some other bloke instead. (Kate)

details ext

18 August 2017
Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth
Oh this is ridiculous
Nothing rhymes with that
He's dead. (Kate)

details ext

08 August 2017
Glen Campbell

He rode out on a horse
In a star-spangled rodeo,
But now it is time
For Glen Campbell to go. (Mike)

His last album was called Adios
It's almost like he knew!
No more rhinestone cowboy
Or meatballs for your stew (Joel)

Campbell is a make of soup
And also was Glen's name
But though he's died of Alzheimer's
The soup remains the same. (Kate)

The Wichita Lineman,
no longer on the line (Karl)

details ext

01 July 2017
Barry Norman

Barry Norman
Was not a Mormon
He reviewed films instead
But no more, cos he's dead. (Kate)

details ext

19 June 2017
Brian Cant

Brian Cant
Now he can't. (Kate)

Brian Wood
Brian May
But Brian Cant. (Joel)

09 June 2017
Adam West

Adam West
Is at rest
He failed to stay alive
But he probably did his best. (Kate)

Der-der der-der der-der der-der
Der-der der-der der-der der-der
Dead man. (Mike)

details ext

05 June 2017
Peter Sallis

He went with his dog for some cheese on the moon
He wore the wrong trousers but caught the crook soon
And then with a sheep he had a close shave
But now Peter Sallis will rest in his grave. (Mike)

01 June 2017
Roy Barraclough

Roy Barraclough
Who played Alec Gilroy
Is dead
What a kill joy. (Kate)

29 May 2017
John Noakes

John Noakes
Is dead, folks.
And Shep?
Yep. (Kate)

28 May 2017
Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman
Was all man
But the guy who played the theme to Top Gear
Is no longer here. (Mike)

23 May 2017
Roger Moore

Is no more.
The Saint
Now ain't. (Mike)

18 May 2017
Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
Led Audioslave.
Time to put him
In the grave. (Mike)

He also was in
Sound Garden
But now his corpse will
Soon harden (Kate)

Chris Cornell,
He felt outshined
And now he's left,
This world behind. (Karl)

13 May 2017
Doris Day

Doris Day
Gone away
Que sera
Sera (Mike)

21 March 2017
Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness
Led Sinn Fein
Now he won't
Again. (Mike)

20 March 2017
David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller
Made a lot of wonga
But now he isn't with us
Any longer. (Mike)

19 March 2017
Chuck Berry

He wanted you to play
With his ding-a-ling
But now Chuck Berry
Has become nothing. (Mike)

08 March 2017
Azure Window

Azure Window
It did falter.
Now it's gone,
A loss for Malta. (Mike)

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10 February 2017
Peter Mansfield

Sir Peter Mansfield
Won a Nobel prize,
But in the end
Everyone dies. (Mike)

08 February 2017
Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling's death
Drove me ballistic.
Now he's just
Another statistic. (Mike)

08 February 2017
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
Was a Socialite by career.
I don't know what that is,
Maybe a bit like Jeremy Corbyn but without the beard. (Mike)

01 February 2017
Desmond Carrington

Desmond Carrington
Made the music go round.
Time to put him
In the ground. (Mike)

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30 January 2017
Geoff Nicholls

Say farewell
To Geoff Nicholls
Who must be preserved
In pickles. (Mike)

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23 January 2017
Gordon Kaye

Gordon Kaye,
oh sacre bleu!
Pas 'Allo 'Allo,
c'est adieu adieu.. (Karl)

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08 January 2017
Peter Sarstedt

Say farewell
To Peter Sarstedt
Who died, not last year,
But this year instead. (Mike)

01 January 2017

The year of death has stricken dread
In every famous man and woman.
Now, Twenty Sixteen itself is dead.
Wonder who saw that one coming. (Mike)

31 December 2016
People Who Died

Lemmy growled loud and hammered that bass
But all he ever needed was the Ace of Spades.
Bowie wondered if there was life on Mars
Finished off leaving us one black star.
Ali floated like a butterfly - stung like a bee
Wogan bantered on about children in need.

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
They were all big stars, and they died.

Harper Lee taught us how to kill a mocking bird
While Carla Lane was more into Liver birds.
Manuel knew nothing, and a beating he got.
Paul Daniels was liked but not a lot
Rick Parfitt played for us rock and blues
Shimon Peres was in charge of jews.

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
They were all big stars, and they died.

Henry Heimlich saved people from choking
Caroline Aherne - brilliant at joking
John Glenn was a pioneer of space
Nancy Reagan tried to keep her husband in place.
I never cared for George Michael - not one bit.
All his songs were a pile of shit.

Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
They were all big stars, and they died. (Mike)

28 December 2016
Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia
Isn't here
Oh dear
Shed a tear. (Mike)

Carrie Fisher!
We'll surely miss her. (Simone)

Princess Leia
Listens to Slayer
In heaven on
A CD player (Kate)

25 December 2016
George Michael

Last Christmas
George Michael was alive
But Twenty Sixteen
He could not survive. (Mike)

24 December 2016
Rick Parfitt

Rick Parfitt
Has gone to the Lord
Never having learned
That fourth chord. (Mike)

12 December 2016
Ian McCaskill

Ian McCaskill
Predicted the rain.
Now he never will
Again. (Mike)

McCaskill is dead
The rascal (Kate)

09 December 2016
John Glenn

John Glenn
Was a pioneer of space.
But now he's gone to
Another place. (Mike)

08 December 2016
Greg Lake

Keith Emerson went in March this year
Now Greg Lake is gone, I fear.
I don't want to be a big alarmer
But it don't look good for poor Carl Palmer. (Mike)

02 December 2016
Andrew Sachs

He beats him here
He beats him there.
That Basil beats him everywhere.
Is he in heaven?
Is he in hell?
That damn fine waiter -
Manuel. (Mike)

26 November 2016
Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
Ruled Cuba in his own manner.
Now he has smoked
His last Havana. (Mike)

Fidel Castro
Went to Tesco
Now he won't-oh
Because he's deado (Kate)

Fidel Castro and his cigars,
Those groovy 1950s cars,
A hero to some, but not to most,
We say fairwell, as now he's toast. (Karl)

Good on Fidel Castro
America's principle foe
Will not get to see tomorra
As he's gone the way of Guevara (Julie)

11 November 2016
Leonard Cohen

Twenty sixteen
The stars are all going.
Today it has been
Leonard Cohen. (Mike)

13 October 2016
King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The King and I
Have said goodbye
But no one in Siam
Is as indifferent as I am. (Mike)

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28 September 2016
Shimon Peres

Is gone,
Yes he is really,
This dead Israeli. (Mike)

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02 July 2016
Caroline Aherne

Caroline Aherne
Was a good turn,
But now Mrs Merton's
Gone for a Burton. (Mike)

19 June 2016
Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin
From Star Trek
Joins the 27 Club,
What the heck? (Mike)

How come?
He's dead?
He wore yellow
Not red! (Joel)

Anton what?
Who was he?
Oh. Star Trek.
I see. (Kate)

Personally, I'm mystified by the continued absence of inertial dampener jokes. (Shim)

That's shit, it doesn't even rhyme. (Kate)

I'm personally mystified
by how this could happen-a:
Still no jokes
about the inertial dampener. (Shim)

Much better. (Kate)

04 June 2016
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali
He was the greatest
But now he's become
One of the latest. (Mike)

Muhammad Ali
Used to box
Now he is
In a box (Kate)

21 April 2016

He thought the rain was purple,
Took his medication per pill,
But never was the smartest,
This artist formerly an artist.

(That's one in the eye for those who think there isn't a rhyme for purple.) (Mike)

16 April 2016
England's Only Golden Eagle

England's only golden eagle
Noble, rare, and truly regal
Has perished - most disagreeable.
Now all we've got's a bunch of seagulls. (Mike)

details ext

16 April 2016
Gareth Thomas

It's bleak
For Blake.
This bloke
Has broke. (Mike)

Blake of old Blake's Seven
Is now in spacey heaven.
But Servalan was hotter,
Like some sexy slinky otter.

Er. (Karl)

Blake's Seven
Was shit
Just say no
I thought they were all dead
Ages ago (Kate)

15 April 2016
Phil Sayer

Phil Sayer
Is in the grave,
But how many lives
Did his wise words save? (Mike)

Not that many
Silly chap
Most people know
To mind the gap (Kate)

Well, they do now,
But that's 'cos of him.
If he hadn't said it
Things could be grim. (Mike)

Don't be daft
We all have brains
We don't need Phil Sayer
To save us from trains. (Kate)

This is London
Where they're thick as shit
Some fall on the tracks
Where they're hit. (Mike)

In the north
Trains don't hit us
I guess it's survival
Of the fittest (Kate)

He tells me I
should mind the gap
But in fact it's all
a pile of crap (Ian)

Don't you start too.
Do not disparage
The man that cared
When we left the carriage. (Mike)

Many a slip
Twixt cup and lip
More again
Twixt foot and train (Ian)

Well done, that man
On your pronouncement.
Let's hear it for public
service announcements. (Mike)

Listen to crashing bores
Who scarcely anyone adores
They cry out for their daily chores
"Stand clear of the closing doors!" (Ian)

Gaps these days are rather small
So as long as you are fat and tall
You probably won't fall through
But if you're small and thin you might do (Kate)

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11 April 2016
Longest Ever Python

These deaths have got crazier
'Cos out in Malaysia
They're all going to miss
This star who went 'hiss'. (Mike)

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31 March 2016
Ronnie Corbett

He wasn't pretty
He hasn't bonny
But now there are
Zero Ronnies. (Mike)

17 March 2016
Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels
Has gone to his plot.
We all will miss him,
But not a lot. (Mike)

Daniels died by bad brain you see.
What will become of Debbie McGee? (Simone)

Paul Daniels
Had a spaniel
But he fell off his log
Poor lonely dog

God that's terrible. (Kate)

16 March 2016
Sylvia Anderson

Lady Penelope
Drove in a pink Rolls.
She now goes in another
One of those holes. (Mike)

28 February 2016
Frank Kelly


Some dead celebs simply have the good grace to write their own poems. (Mike)

14 January 2016
Alan Rickman

He played Doctor Lazarus
On Protector in Galaxy Quest.
But Alan Rickman won't come back,
Now he's laid to rest. (Mike)

11 January 2016
David Bowie

In his time he did earn
A great deal of Fame
But I never did learn
How to pronounce his name. (Mike)

In the 70s, Bowie
Smoked fags and drank Moët
Drinking & smoking are never the answer
Because they give you cancer (Kate)

Oh, what nonsense
Drinking, smoking and taking chemy
Harmed nobody,
Just ask L..., oh. (Mike)

28 December 2015

Lemmy has taken
His last breath.
Finally has been
Killed By Death. (Mike)

20 December 2015
Jimmy Hill

Jimmy Hill
Gave us a thrill.
He can no longer win,
But he took it on the chin. (Mike)

14 November 2015
Warren Mitchell

Warren Mitchell
Appeared coldhearted
But now death
Him has departed. (Mike)

02 August 2015
Cilla Black

Cilla Black
Heart attack?
Just don't come back (Kate)

10 July 2015
Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif's
Life wasn't brief.
He'll play no more bridge
As he's gone in the fridge. (Mike)

Omar Sharif
Liked curtains of beef
Laurence of Arabia
Must've choked on a labia (Kate)

02 July 2015
Val Doonican

Val Doonican
Once had a loony fan
Then he died
So she cried. (Kate)

Val Doonican
Now goes to his hearse.
We wondered how soon he can
Get this verse. (Mike)

11 June 2015
Christopher Lee

For the Count (Mike)

11 June 2015
Ron Moody

Ron Moody
Was a bit of a foodie
He died eating brie
With Christopher Lee. (Kate)

10 June 2015
James Last

Today. (Mike)

15 May 2015
B B King

BB King
Liked to sing
But now he can't speak he's
Died of diabetes. (Mike)

07 May 2015
Errol Brown

Errol Brown
Was truly lyrical.
He's left us now,
So much for miracles. (Mike)

Errol Brown,
Soon in the ground,
No more hell sing,
Hell be a decomposing, rather unsexy thing. (Karl)

Alas Hot Chocolate
now is dead
I'll have to have
Horlicks instead. (Kate)

01 May 2015
Ben E King

Ben E King
Did sing
"Stand By Me"
R.I.P. (Mike)

28 April 2015
Keith Harris

We'll all miss
Keith Harris
Now he can fly
Right up to the sky. (Mike)

12 March 2015
Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett
Liked to eat cat shit
So now he'll be buried
Like some kind of hatchet (Kate)

26 January 2015
Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos
Said meet me at New Cross
But then he went and died
So I got off at Rotherhithe. (Kate)

Mourn the loss
Of Demis Roussos
He's gone forever
And ever. (Mike)

13 January 2015
Trevor Ward-Davies

First Dave Dee and now it's Dozy
Looks like things are far from Rosy
They're going in order - now that's freaky
You've really got to feel for Beaky. (Mike)

details ext

17 November 2014
Labidura Herculeana

Labidura herculeana
Truly was a charmer
But when it said 'Here we go'
Did that earwig go. (Mike)

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02 October 2014
Lynsey de Paul

Lynsey de Paul
Was rather small
But has hit Rock Bottom
And soon will be rotten. (Mike)

18 September 2014
George Hamilton IV

George Hamilton IV
Has followed George Hamilton III
Who followed George Hamilton II
Who followed George Hamilton (Mike)

09 June 2014
Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall
Did never fail
To make us guffaw,
But not any more. (Mike)

07 June 2014
Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney
Pulled a fine moony
But now he's deceased
The appeal has decreased. (Kate)

11 February 2014
Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple
Choked on a lentil
She didn't really
But nothing rhymes with temple (Kate)

27 July 2013
J J Cale

Let us wail
For J.J. Cale
They're going to put him in the ground
But don't get him confused with John Cale out of the Velvet Underground. (Mike)

05 July 2013
Bernie Nolan

Bernie Nolan
Has joined Marc Bolan. (Mike)

03 May 2013
Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman
Was a great player
He's had to say a
Goodbye to Slayer. (Mike)

05 February 2013
Reg Presley

Reg Presley wasn't The King
But he sure was a Wild Thing,
And though Love Is All Around,
He's now gone in the ground. (Mike)

21 January 2013
Michael Winner

To Michael Winner
Say adieu
For his Death Wish
Has come true (Mike)

Michael Winner
Made me some dinner
But he died of a bad liver
So now we're not having liver (Kate)

14 December 2012
Kenneth Kendall

Kenneth Kendall
Read the news
Now he's in it.
Way to lose. (Mike)

Kenneth Kendal
Was not from Pendal
He read news and shit
But he wasn't a witch. (Kate)

12 December 2012
Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar
I'd like to thank ya
For all the treats
On Drummond Street. (Mike)

10 December 2012
Patrick Moore

Never were his programmes shite,
But now he's in the Great Sky At Night. (Mike)

He hated girls and blacks and gays.
But he wasn't a paedo.
Happy days. (Kate)

Who cares if you're a xenophobe
When you can play the xylophone? (Mike)

01 September 2012
Max Bygraves

RIP Max Bygraves
No longer just by graves. (Kate)

20 August 2012
Scott McKenzie

Monterey Pop was quite a frenzy
Thanks to those like Scott McKenzie
He brought joy to fans a-plenty.
I hear the funeral's on Wednesday. (Mike)

20 August 2012
Tony Scott

Many big films shown through a projector
Had Tony Scott as their director
He leapt off a bridge. I'll tell you what -
It's not looking good for Selina Scott. (Mike)

07 August 2012
Bernard Lovell

He studied cosmic rays
In the younger of his days
But now it's time to shovel
Soil over Bernard Lovell. (Mike)

20 May 2012
Robin Gibb

Another one of the BeeGees
Has got the heebiejeebies. (Mike)

17 May 2012
Donna Summer

Donna Summer
Oh dear what a bummer
The disco dancer
From cancer. (Kate)

Is a goner. (Mike)

20 April 2012
Bert Weedon

The man who wrote 'Play In A Day'
For Eric Clapton and Brian May
And other greats stars
Of the electric guitar
Has sadly now vanished away. (Mike)

05 April 2012
Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall
Was rather partial
To loud sounds
But he's not around. (Mike)

29 February 2012
Davy Jones

Davy Jones
Wasn't a junky
But now he also
Isn't a Monkee. (Mike)

Davy Jones was fairly short,
and he's gone to meet his receiver,
on the last train to Clarksville,
goes the Day Dream Believer. (Joel)

22 February 2012
Frank Carson

Frank Carson
Said 'It's a cracker!'
But not any more
Now he's knackered. (Mike)

13 February 2012
Whitney Houston

She had a problem. (Mike)

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