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Fake Ads Spruce up your site with a bogus banner - click here

Fake Ads

Web designers. Got an oblong of white space at the top of your page that you simply don't know what to do with? Well, why not get a Fake Ad?

Fake Ads are the most practical way of placing an advertising banner on your site without having to go through all the hassle of finding a sponsor. You don't really need a sponsor anyway; all they do is divert traffic away from your site when you're struggling hard enough to get people to come towards it. Notice how clicking on the Fake Ads banner has kept you within our site?

Here are a few good reasons (plus a couple of bad ones) why you should put a Fake Ad on your web page:

  • A grotesque banner which clashes horrendously with your site's facia adds a "professional" look to your page.
  • You can choose where the "click here" link goes to. Keep potential wanderers within the confines of your site for more page hits. Or why not have a laugh and send your visitors somewhere really stupid, like www.lpsg.org?
  • You're never gonna make any money out of your web site anyway, so why bother with real adverts?
  • We made it quite clear in the banner that this wasn't a real advert - but you clicked on it anyway!
So, if you want to embellish your site with a Fake Ad, contact us at pooclub@shite.org and we'll sort you out with one. Or just copy the banner at the top of this page, 'cos that's all we'll give you anyway.

You can't make this stuff up, you know
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