Not Being Able To See My Cunt
Kate Rancid
Being pregnant's such a bind,
The piles give you a sore behind,
My sagging tits are hanging low
(They're still nice though).

But one thing that I do abhore
I just can't see my cunt no more
Is it there beneath my tummy?
Or does this tuna just smell funny?

What IS that potent fishy smell?
Perhaps it's haddock, I can't tell,
I'm sticking out too far in front,
Oh bugger me. It's my cunt!

And now, alas, my heart is tore!
I cannot see my cunt no more
Is it there or has it flown?
Perhaps it's grown.

It could be red with yellow dots
It could be pink with purple spots
There really is no way to tell
But it doesn't half smell.


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