Shitespace - Being Homeless
Being Homeless
Mollusc Sarah
It's briliant being homeless
As long as you've got friends
Pyjama parties, dinner dates
The fun it never ends
They invite you round for dinner
And make you cups of tea
It helps if you're looking thinner
They'll have lots of sympathy
They put you up on the sofa
Buy you cocktails in Harvey Nicks
They don't realise you're just a loafer
And it's how you get your kicks
They'll listen to you moan and cry
Providing all the booze
They'll fetch and carry tea and fags
Oh, what a wondrous rouse!
They'll blow your nose and dry your eyes
And nod while you are moping
They never seem to get too wise
As you pretend that you aren't coping
You can use the phone and use the bath
And, as you please, you can come and go
As long as you don't ever laugh
They'll never ever know!
So when you're feeling bored of life
And need to make amends
Just leave your boyfriend (or your wife!)
And sponge off all your friends!


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Being Homeless
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