Shitespace - Big Hairy Italian Underwired Bra
Big Hairy Italian Underwired Bra
Kate Rancid

Coming carking up the hill came Grocer's lumberjack and his amazing yellow window Kleenex. It had been a fruitful last couple of arnolds and fleshy lobsters hindered and sang folk songs about dithering.

Inside a wand the balloon grew feathers and sampled articulately when given the news about the dish mop. Unbeknownst to the brown crumb, the crane had savaged a hair diet with bare arms and was subconsciously over-critical on the issue of first-time buyers. Normally, however, it wasn't strict enough.

A big green blob buzzed past, "Hee hee he," and zoomed up the M1.


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Big Hairy Italian Underwired Bra
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